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Every week I watch the Biggest Loser on NBC. I love watching the journey’s that the contestants get to go though. Sometimes when the episodes go to commericals they give you “health tips” I recently watched one where they tell you to fill up on salad before you eat your meal, that way you are getting the nutrients you need and filling up on those before you eat your meal.

I found a funny video about salad from YouTube. Jim Gaffigan talks about salad in this video. Quite funny actually!

“Lettuce, tomatoes, a tub of chocolate pudding, whose putting chocolate pudding on their salad. What is this Fear Factor?”


Too Much Food, Not enough Exercise

Ellen is talking about coffee in this video and the different sizes of coffee that Starbucks now offers as compared to other countries. Then she mentions that Taco Bell now has the “fourth meal” Bring on the night is their slogan for that. Do we really need four meals a day… The answer is NO. We are consuming way to much in this country on a daily basis and eating more calories than we can burn, to just maintain our weight. We need to do something about this. I know I always rant on this blog about how America needs to change blah blah blah, but it is so true.

We need to get out and exercise more, weather it be going to a park, a walk around the neighborhood or even biking to work. This would help us as a nation is we chose to do one of these things everyday and I know that it would be beneficial to those that would do it.

Sometimes people with obesity struggle with their weight because they have it in their genes. Although, exercise can overcome obesity. Physical activity can overcoming the predisposition to being overweight. There have been many studies done that prove that exercise CAN overcome obesity. It is important to stay active and work out for at LEAST 30 minutes a day if not more. Exercise gets the endorphins going. Those that exercise daily, typically feel better about themselves and are healthier.

More can be found here:  In regards to the study that was done with those that are predisposed to having obesity. All in all, those that have that gene, can overcome it by exercising, eating healthy, and staying away from fast food.

In an article written a few days ago, it states that by 2030 one in 10 people will have diabetes, that is largely attributed to being overweight or obese. That is 10% of the population or 552 million Americans. “Obesity, lack of physical activity and aging all contribute to this “massive public health issue,” said Dr. Gerald Bernstein of Beth Israel’s Friedman Diabetes Institute. I can’t reiterate enough how preventable this is for most people. Obesity is an epdemic and I feel it can largely be blamed upon eating sugary, unhealthy, high in fat foods, and also a regular diet of going to fast food resturants. Don’t get me wrong though, fast food is ok in moderation, but not several times a week.

“The World Health Organization said diabetes deaths will double by 2030. ” -NY Daily News

“Kids understanding of nutrition and an availability of regular physical activity (are an) important piece of how we live as a country,” he said. “Something needs to be done, or diabetes will economically destroy every health care system in the world.”-NY Daily News

This hits close to home for me since a few members of my family have diabetes. Some of them control their diabetes and others do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do in order to keep the disease under control, and therefore shortening their life.

Obesity is said to be a national public health issue. We are spending so much money each year on Obesity and trying to fix it when we could just all cut down a little and therefore be a healthier nation. I know many people that are physically active in their daily lives and tend to be healthier than those other people I know that choose not to take care of themselves and their bodies, and therefore have more health issues.

Parents need to do a better job with teaching their children to make healthy choices. The more a child knows and is educated about what to eat, there may be a change in the future with the obesity rate it America. I feel that many children are not taught while they are young to make healthy choices and mimic what their parents do in their diets and food consumption.

The article mentions that 183 million people are unaware that they even have diabetes.

Those that also have diabetes are at  higher risk for cardiovascular problems, blindness, kidney failure loss of limbs.

A Growing Epidemic

If you look at these pictures, it shows how much the obesity rate in our country is going. These pictures are very eye opening as to what our country is basically doing to themselves. The southern/midwest states mainly are the worst when it comes to obesity, but as shown in the pictures almost every state as of 2008 has  a problem with their populations having obesity problems.

The state of New York has an obesity prevention program. As stated on their website Obesity is the second leading cause of death in the United States. It will soon take over Tobacco as the leading cause of death in the United States. go to for more information.

The center for Disease Control also has a very informative website about Obesity Prevention. There is a video on their website talking about the Obesity Epidemic. Below is the video:

Fast food is so easy and cheap that it is ‘easier’ than preparing and making a meal. Americans more than any other country are always on the go multitasking and trying to do five things at once. We need to slow down and take better care of ourselves by not consuming as much fast food and the quantities that we consume. About 16.5% of children in the United States are obese, thats ONE in SIX children…Obesity costs 10% of the US medical budget… We COULD be using this money else where if we could just get a handle on our eating habits and what we consume. We need to stop consuming more calories than we are able to burn. Environment plays a major factor into weight gain, such as always being on the go, how someone grows up, access to quality grocery stores, and money. These are all influences on how and what we eat.

Childhood Obesity

I throughly enjoy watching the biggest loser each week because  these people/contestants want to change their life and become healthy, which is admirable. They work our for hours each day, and have challenges and weigh ins each week. Although it is a game show, these people are changing their lives for the better and for their families as well. A few weeks ago on The Biggest Loser on NBC there was a challenge that the contestants had to particapate in, they had to guess how many calories were in each of their favorite meals. Many of the contestants/players were astonished and disguisted at how many calories were in the meals. It is so fun to watch each week because they are learning how to make healthy choices and subsitutions. We would do well to do the same and learn along with them each week. Many of the meats we eat everyday are so unhealthy, there are great substitutions that we could make. Lean ground turkey would be one, instead of eating ground beef. I have truly learned a lot, just from watching The Biggest Loser. As much as I am talking about it, you would think I work for them, but no. It has just changed the way I look at food choices that I am faced with each day. Although it would be difficult to change your diet, as you learn, it’s worth it.

In this video, Ellen asks Alison Sweeney if there will ever be a Children’s biggest loser, childhood obesity is an epidemic. . It is growing more and more out of control each and every day. These children need help, to make correct choices each week. Parents also need to encourage healthy choices to their children and teach them to make healthy choices on a daily basis.

Children who are overweight, have less confidence.You can choose how you feel about yourself physically or socially by what you eat and put into your body, those who make healthy choices tend to be more active, have higher self confidence and respect themselves.

Forks over Knives

This video is like that of Supersize Me. It was made to inform customers and consumers of what they are eating and putting into their bodies.”This could be the First generation of children in the United States to live less than their parents.” Is America ready for this? Children NEED their parents to get healthy so that they can have parents that can raise them and watch them grow up.

 “Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. costs this counttry more than 120 BILLION dollars each year.” -Michelle Obama. As a country if everyone were healthy we could save 120 billon dollars each year. What is the solution? What do we need to do to fix this? LIMIT THE FAST FOOD!!! I have always been told that you don’t have to completely cut out something from  your diet, but everything needs to be in moderation.

People that were raised in China, Japan, phillipines, korea never had heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer. We would do well to learn from some of these countries as to how they keep their citizens healthy, and away from disease and health risks.
Diet is so much more important than anyone ever thought, we need to eat more plant based foods, foods that are going to give us the nourishment we need to function and be healthy. If we started eating healthier, we would have more time and energy to do the things we want and enjoy doing, instead of being so fatigued and tired all the time.

What has gotten us here?

America is tipping the scales with obesity. What can we do to change this? Our busy schedules, or no time to cook at home? Growing up my mom was into saving money and being healthy which resulted in taking our lunches to school a lot. Looking back now I feel that I had healthier choices that were provided to me rather than getting a school lunch. Not that I never bought school lunches, but it wasn’t an everyday thing either.

Obesity is the leading cause of disease and death in America. Two of three Americans are obese or overweight(190 million people) . Many illnesses associated with obesity are also preventable, such as type II Diabetes, and many people die each year from complications with their diabetes. A disease which is largely preventable. We can basically reverse complications with health and disease by loosing weight if we are not at a healthy weight.

“If you go to McDonald’s today, you can buy a quarter-pounder with cheese meal that means the large drink and the large french fries – for less than it costs to buy a salad and a bottle of water,” Brownell said. “There’s something wrong with that picture.”

Going to a fast food restaurant is no longer a special event, it’s ingrained in our culture and that’s why it’s of concern,” said Kelly Brownell, co-founder and director of the Rudd Center. As Americans we are always on the go and looking for the quickest and easiest way to satisfy our hunger. We have become so accustomed to always having what we want, when we want it. We would benefit so much from taking the time at home to prepare a meal or lunch for our children and giving them healthy options rather than fast food, or
some of the unhealthy food choices that children/students are provided everyday at school. As Americans we need to break free of this terrible habit. More and more documentaries have been coming out about fast food and the negative affects it has on the body as well as the wallet.

Remember what happened to the man on “Supersize me”? Doctors kept telling him to stop, because constantly eating fast food was deteriorating his health. This same thing is happening to people we love and care about every day, maybe even to us. As a nation we need to cut out the junk food and start eating healthier so we don’t have so many people dying every day from obesity and heart failure, things that can most often be preventable.

Fast Food Advertising

The fast food industry spent $30 billion dollars on advertising last year.
The Federal Trade Commission is looking at protecting children from fast food advertising. When a fast food company focuses their advertising on children.

“Children as young as age 2 are seeing more fast food ads than ever before, and restaurants rarely offer parents the healthy kids’ meal choices. The new evaluation, the most comprehensive study of fast food nutrition and marketing ever conducted, shows that fast food marketers target children across a variety of media and in restaurants. In addition, the study finds that restaurants provide largely unhealthy defaults for the side dishes and drinks that come with kids’ meals.”

I feel they are more vulnerable to make unhealthy choices regarding food, and children are being exposed at younger ages to advertising, especially in fast food.  Fast food is quick and easy, but in the long run it will effect one’s health. It is important to make healthy choices now, so our bodies won’t be paying for it later. Children should be protected from being targeted for fast food companies. Nearly one third of children in the United States are eating fast food every day, which has increased by FIVE times since 1970.  “Which likely packs on about six extra pounds per child per year and increases the risk of obesity” -CBS News

Obesity is preventable, children are becoming extremely prone to fast food which in turn will lead to obesity. About 15% of children in the US are considered obese. This can largely be attributed to fast food and unhealthy choices. The Federal Trade Commission NEEDS to protect children from fast food advertising, otherwise our nation is going to become worse off than it already is regarding obesity.

Food Inc.

Recently I came across a Movie Trailer for Food Inc. One of the most interesting documentaries I have ever seen about fast food.

What kind of nation are we living in? We are consuming, and buying food that is making us SICK & FAT. We need to have more regulations about the types of places these animals are living in and how they are treated….As a nation we need to be more conscious about the foods we are consuming and where they are ultimately coming from.

“Imagine what it would be is as a national policy the idea would be to have such nutritionally dense food, that people actually felt better, had more energy, and weren’t sick as much.”
As a nation this is something that we can do by buying foods that are more nutritionally dense, so we have more energy and are able to do the things we want, because we are healthier.
“People have got to start demanding good wholesome food of us, and we will deliver, I promise you” -Quote from Food Inc.

Appropriate or Not? Toys in Happy Meals.

At what age is it appropriate to use a PG13 movie for happy meals. When the transformers movie came out, McDonalds made action figures for the “toys” they were going to put in their happy meals. How do you explain to a young child that they can’t see the movie because of it’s content and rating and give them a toy from that movie in their Happy Meal. I just don’t understand it. This morning I was just googling media related movies that had to do with fast food, since that is what my blog is about and this: Movies and Fast Food Bad Deal Kids article came up.

I personally feel the marketing for this Happy Meal toy was WAY off. Happy Meal “toys” should come from movies that kids are able to see. Ones that are appropriate for them to watch. Although I don’t have children yet, I wouldn’t find it appropriate for a child to have a toy from a movie they aren’t even allowed to see because of the content and rating of it. Basically a toy in a Happy Meal should be from a movie that young children can actually see.

Is more always better?

Supersize Me

A few years ago a movie came out called “Supersize Me” where a man eats McDonald’s for every meal, for a month. Doctors track his health and what it does to his body. In a nation that LOVES fast food we are so unaware of what types of things fast food resturants are putting in their foods as well as well as always upgrading to the bigger size drink or fry because it seems to be cheaper at the time. In the long run, the health conequences could cost us a lot more.Weather it be from causing obesity from our poor health choices to shortening our lives. Is it worth it in the long run? The answer is NO!

Consumers need to be more aware of the fast food items they are consuming. Many fast food establishments have their menu’s online that also have the nutritional information provided on the website as well.

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